Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Galveston’s sidewalk, curb program facilitates repair, replacement

GALVESTON – Galveston City Council recently approved the Sidewalk and Curb Repair Program, introducing an additional initiative supporting Island-wide beautification. This public-private partnership allows property owners to repair or replace sidewalks and curbs along private property but within City rights-of-way paying only for material costs, providing a significant savings for residents.
In the City of Galveston, the installation and maintenance of new as well as existing sidewalks, curbs, and gutters along private property but within the City right-of-way are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. Recognizing the need to facilitate and encourage these improvements, the City sought out a solution: a public-private partnership. By entering into an agreement with the City, property owners cover the cost of materials and the City provides the labor and equipment to complete the approved repairs. This program is funded by a grant through the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), a board which allocates 4B Sales Tax funds to eligible projects including public infrastructure. All equipment and labor costs are covered by this grant, passing along significant cost savings for property owners that choose to take advantage of the program.
Certain criteria must be met before a property owner may participate in this program. Only sidewalks or curbs and gutters located within City rights-of-way are eligible and no repairs can be made on private property. Sidewalks that have an abrupt change in grade or surface are eligible as are sidewalks, curbs, or gutter pan sections that are in severe disrepair. If a property owner’s address falls within an area already scheduled for renovation under the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) or any other grants/programs, the repair is ineligible for this program. The City can only initiate repairs when a property owner agrees to pay for the materials cost and repair work will not be scheduled until payment has been remitted.
All interested property owners are encouraged to submit repair requests! When prioritizing the requests, the City will take into consideration the proximity of the repair to areas with high pedestrian traffic; schools, public facilities, and retirement communities; infrastructure issues such as accessibility or drainage; and in relation to other requested repairs.
Interested in participating? Visit us online at to learn more or to download the application today! Property owners may also leave their contact information at (409) 797-3515 to receive a call back from the Administrative Services Specialist.


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