Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Public Encouraged to Follow Simple Steps, Respect City Ordinances

(GALVESTON, TX) March 16, 2015 – With a plethora of attractions from over 32 miles of beachfront and educational exhibits to a historic Downtown and delectable dining venues, it is no wonder Galveston continues to be a fun, family-friendly hot spot!   To ensure you have a great time on Galveston Island, the City and Galveston Police Department would like to share a few tips on making the most of your visit. 

West End Beaches
Operating or parking a vehicle, motorcycle, or ATV on a sand dune is a prohibited activity.  The dunes along Galveston’s beachfront serve as an integral component of protecting the Island’s ecological balance and are the first line of defense against beach erosion as well as tidal surge.  Staying off the dunes helps ensure the beaches remain protected for many years to come.

All publicly accessible beaches have areas that are clearly marked for both vehicular traffic and parking.  These areas also delineate where vehicles, including golf carts, are not permitted.

Glass containers, campfires, pets off the leash, and overnight camping are all prohibited.  Please be sure to bag your trash and dispose of it properly either by taking it with you or by placing it in one of the numerous conveniently located trash barrels along the beachfront. 

Lock, Take, & Hide
Unfortunately criminals use fun times like spring break to prey on both residents and visitors.  Automobile burglary is usually a crime of opportunity where a vehicle is easily accessed due to a window down or an accidentally unlocked door.  Leaving valuables like electronics or purses or even change in plain sight can draw attention and increase your odds of becoming a victim.  Remember to:
               LOCK – A vehicle is three times as likely to be burglarized if left unlocked simply because it is an easy target!
               TAKE – Do not “hide” your keys!  Take your keys and any valuables you can with you.
               HIDE – Do not leave out loose change, sunglasses, purses, or any other item that would draw attention!

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